Scheduled service break on Mahti: May 3 8:00 to May 4 17:00

There will be a service break on Mahti from Tuesday May 3 at 8:00 to Wednesday May 4 at 17:00. During the service break there will be no access to the system, including login nodes and storage system.

In the service break a number of important maintenance operations will be carried out, improving reliability and functionality of the system. The main operation is the update of Mahti's operating system from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to 8. The impact on the users is

 * The update will require users at a minimum to recompile their applications.

 * A few of the oldest applications/modules provided by CSC may not be available after the update

 * Tools and libraries on the system are newer, giving you a more modern environment to work in. One notable example is that the default environment will not include python 2. Right now the default python interpreter is 2.7.5.

After the Mahti update you can log in and recompile your application. Soon we will additionally provide Mahti users with a test platform where you can already compile and test your applications on a small set of nodes. At the same time we will provide initial documentation to get you started.