How do I start long-running jobs in Taito-shell?

Taito's batch job system is the preferred way of starting long running jobs. It gives you guaranteed CPU and memory access. However, if you have long running interactive jobs that you want to run using taito-shell while logged out, you can do so as follows:

Open a connection to Taito:

This will open a shell on a taito-login node, take note of that node. Let's assume taito-login3.
Open a screen session using command:
screen -R
In the screen session, open a taito-shell session with command:

Now you are in taito-shell anbdyou can start your long running job interactively.

When you want to leave the session running in the background, detach from screen using Ctrl-a d.

Now you can logout from Taito, but your screen session in taito-login3 and the taito-shell session within it is preserved.

To reattach to your session, connect first to the Taito login node where you have your screen session running. For example:


Then, reattach the screen session with command

screen -R

Please note, that relying on very long running jobs is always a risk even if CSC servers have been very stable. Please consider either parallelising your job to make it complete faster or use checkpointing, so that the job can be continued and it is not necessary to start from scratch in case of interruption.