ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory


ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory (AATI) is a Ansys Inc.'s product sub-family.  It contains the same module as ANSYS Academic Research products, but the maximum model sizes are limited.  As it's name says, AATI licenses are suitable for introductory phase, as teaching in class rooms.

General desciption of ANSYS Academic products, see this web page by ANSYS Inc.

AATI product capabilities are listed in this feature table.

AATI products are only for non-commersial use.  The terms of use are given here.


Latest version available for installation media dowloads is 15.0.


Use instruction are available on CSC's Scientists' User Interface (SUI).

More information

For more information about the use of AATI licenses, for example in class room teaching purposes, send an email to CSC's Service Desk, servicedesk (at)