Can I use GridFTP to transfer data to CSC?




CSC has a GridFTP endpoint that can be used for data transfer. To be able to use GridFTP, there must be a GridFTP end point also in the other end of the transfer process.

To be able to use the GridFTP endpoint at CSC, the user must:

  1. Have a grid certificate installed in his home directory at CSC. (See the chapter 1. of the FGCI user guide for obtaining the certificate).
  2. Submit the subject line of the certificate (the row that starts with string subject=) to CSC ( and ask that this information is added to the GridFTP endpoint user list.


Step 1. Creating my-proxy certificate

Log in to and create a myroxy certificate to a certificate service in with commands:

module load globus
myproxy-init -s -l your_username

In the beginning myproxy-init asks the password of your grid certificate and after that it asks you to define a password for the myproxy certificate.

Step 2. Opening GridFTP end point Globus Online

Use your browser to connect Globus Online in URL:

(create yourself an account if you don't have one)


The GridFTP end point of CSC is not automatically visible in the Globus Online service. Because of that, you need to define the end point. To do this, choose first:

  • "Manage Endpoints"

  • "add an endpoint"


Define following features for the endpoint

          Endpoint Name: any name you like form example csc-useraccount#sisu
          Default Directory: /wrk/your_csc_accout (i.e. The path of your Sisu/Tato $WRKDIR)
      Identity Provider:
          Server Type: GridFTP
          Server Domain:

Then activate the endpoint by clicking first the activate link and then Activate now button.

During the activation, the service will ask for the user name and password you defined for the myproxy certificate you previously created.

Once the endpoint is activated, go to the "transfer files" section of the Globus Online interface.

In Transfer files section, write the name of the endpoint you just created ( for example csc-useraccount#sisu) to one of the Endpoint fields and press "Go".

Now, the interface should show the file listing of your $WRKDIR directory in Sisu and Taito.

After this you need to activate and connect to the end point in the other the transfer process before you can start the actual data transfer.