GATK4 toolkit offers a wide variety of tools with a primary focus on variant discovery and genotyping.

GATK is open source from version 4 onwards. Please note we cannot provide older (3.x) versions. You can, however, license older version yourself, and install it to your $USERAPPL. Installation is fast and easy. You just need to uncompress the distribution package.


Version on CSC's Servers



To load GATK4 analysis environmet:

module load gatk-env

Please note this will remove all loaded modules.

It will load GATK4 and some related programs:

  • R (3.2.5) and Rstudio
  • Picard Tools (2.13.2)
  • Samtools (1.4)
  • RTG (3.8.4)
  • IGV (3.8.4)



The general format for GATK commands is:

gatk ToolName [tool args]

To see the list of available tools use:

gatk --list

To pass arguments to java (e.g. memory requirements), use --java-options parameter:

gatk [--java-options "-Xmx4G"] ToolName [GATK args]

Please note that in the 4.beta versions the basic command was "gatk-launch" instead of "gatk".


Related tools

R and Rstudio start simply with command:


Similarily for the other programs:


For picard we supply a wrapper script, so you can simply use

picard <command>

If you need to pass some java arguments (e.g. for memory) you can use $PICARD system variable:

java <java options> -jar  $PICARD <picard options>

Please note that for some of the tools you will need a graphical connection. NoMachine remote desktop is recommended. Please see CSC Computing Environment User Guide for details.




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For more detailed instructions on citing GATK, please refer the Frequently Asked Questions sectionon GATK web pages.



Detailed usege instruction can be found in