How can I change which project is billed for my usage?

If you have more than one project you might want to use one project for certain tasks and the other projects for other tasks. This can be done by changing the user's billing project. The default billing project is set in the SUI customer portal. This selection affects Taito, Sisu and Rahti, and can be overridden in each service as described below. Setting the default billing project does not affect cPouta and ePouta. Ida and Kaivos are not subject to charge, so there is no need to set a billing project.

Default billing project

The default billing project for Taito, Sisu and Rahti can changed with the My Projects tool in the SUI customer portal. Select the project which you want to become your new billing project. Then choose "Set As Billing Project" below the project list. A confirm window opens. Press "Yes" to approve the change.

The billing project changes on Taito and Sisu the next time you log in. If you are already logged in, you need to log out and log back in. On Rahti the billing project changes if you haven't overridden it on OpenShift. Other services (ePouta, cPouta, Ida, Kaivos) are not affected.

Taito and Sisu

To change the billing project temporarily on Taito or Sisu, run the newgrp command on the command line. This command actually changes the primary Linux group. It takes as the argument the name of the group that you want your new primary group to be. Groups and projects are linked with each other.

The newgrp command is best used in combination with the sbatch command (the command that submits batch jobs to computing nodes):

taito-login3:~$ newgrp project_2000084
taito-login3:~$ sbatch
Submitted batch job 10282312
taito-login3:~$ newgrp project_2000251
taito-login3:~$ sbatch
Submitted batch job 10282313

The first job will be charged to the project 2000084 and the second to the project 2000251. You can check the groups you belong to using the command groups or id.


If you only have one CSC project with access to Rahti, you do not need to set a billing project. It will be automatically set to that project that gives you the access. If you have more projects, you need to specify which of them to use. You can either specify it by selecting the default billing project in the SUI customer portal (see above), or alternatively, you can add a line like shown below in the Description field, when you create a new project in OpenShift:

(You can write human readable description here...)
csc_project: project_2000254

Replace project_2000254 with the OpenShift group that corresponds to your project.

cPouta and ePouta

To change the billing project for cPouta or ePouta:

  1. Log in to cPouta dashboard or ePouta dashboard
  2. Click on the current billing project, shown in the top left corner of the window
  3. A drop-down list containing all your cPouta or ePouta projects opens
  4. Select from the drop-down list the project that you want to make into your new billing project

The selection of the billing project is saved by the service. It can be different for cPouta and ePouta. When you next time log in to the service, the last selected billing project will be used.