I can login to nxkajaani, but I can't login to Sisu/Taito from there.

The problem is likely your keyboard mapping in the remote desktop. Don't try too many times, or your account will be banned.

To confirm that the mapping is the problem, do the following (in NoMachine session)

  • Right click background -> choose fluxbox menu -> Workspace list -> Rename current workspace.
  • Type your password here (or the some of the special keys). If they go wrong, your password will go wrong when you try to login from nxkajaani.

To fix this, right click in the backround, choose fluxbox menu, keyboard layout, Finnish. And try again. This and other known issues of NoMachine can be found in the General CSC Guide.

If this is the first time you're logging in to Taito and you got the error while either logging in to taito-shell or opening an application from the drop down menu, choose first taito from the server menu. This will set up your environment properly and then you can use the other options.