I can't see or manage my CSC account information in Scientitst's User Interface

If your CSC account is created before summer 2015, the link between your HAKA-account (I.e. university account) and CSC account can be missing. This may prevent you from editing your user information and applying for CSC resources. You can check, and if needed fix, this linking in the following way:

  1. Login to Scientist's User Interface ( with your HAKA account (not CSC account).
  2. In Scientist's User Interface, check from the upper right corner if you can see your name there (Name is the link to the My Accuont tool that is used to manage your personal information at csc).
  3. If the link is missing, use the "add services" tool to link your HAKA and CSC accounts.

Add services tool will ask for your CSC userrname and password. It can take up to 30 min before the linking information has been updated in all CSC services.