null Language Research


Kielipankki, The Language Bank of Finland, is a service for researchers using language resources. It provides a wide variety of text and speech corpora and tools for studying them.

Through the Language Bank researchers have access to corpora, applications, and other resources related to language research. The corpora can be analysed and processed with the Language Bank's tools in a virtual workspace or downloaded.

Many corpora in the Language Bank are publicly accessible, some require a log in. The rights to use restricted resources can be applied electronically. Most of the Language Bank’s users are language researchers but the service is equally well suited for other digital humanities research.

Language data analysing service: Mylly

Mylly is a user-friendly open-source platform for processing and analyzing language data. You can upload your own language materials into Mylly and process and analyze them in the easy-to-use space with different tools.

Mylly is a versatile data analysis platform with interactive visualizations and workflows. It can be used to build workflows with a variety of tools, including morphosyntactic parsing, character set conversion and speech recognition.

In Mylly you can analyze your data conveniently in your own workspace where you can select the tools you need from a menu. Mylly works in a regular web browser and you can log in to Mylly with your HAKA user account.