LAStools provides tools for processing lidar point cloud data. In taito the following open source tools are installed:

  • las2las
  • las2txt
  • txt2las
  • lasdiff
  • lasindex
  • lasinfo
  • lasmerge
  • lasprecision
  • laszip

Rest of the LAStools tools are not open source and are not available in Taito.

If you have LAStools license or your use is according to the free usage terms, you can install LasTools easily yourself, see below.



Load lastools module :

module load gcc/4.9.3 lastools


module load geo-env lastools

..and run individual tools, for example:

lasinfo -h

Usage instructions for individual tools can be found with -h flag or by looking at the readme files in /appl/earth/lastools/LAStools/bin


Finnish National Land Survey's lidar data in Taito

Lidar data from NLS is available from Taito under the shared GIS data folder: /proj/ogiir-csc/mml/laser/


Working with a lot of files in Taito

If you want to analyze several lidar files in a similar manner, it is easiest to obtain a list of files you want to process and then use Taito's array jobs to process those files.

Below is a simple example for converting list of .laz files to .las files keeping only first returns using las2las:

#!/bin/bash -l
#SBATCH -J las2las_test
#SBATCH -o array_job_out_%A_%a.txt
#SBATCH -e array_job_err_%A_%a.txt
#SBATCH -t 00:00:10
#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=2
#SBATCH --array=1-20
#SBATCH -p array

#load lastools module, for accessing the lastools command-line tools
module load lastools
# read file names to be processed from a list given as an argument
fullname=$(sed -n "$SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_ID"p $1)
# get base file names from full names including path and extension
# run the analysis command and save results to out/ directory
las2las -i $fullname -o out/$filename.las -first_only

After modifying #SBATCH variables with suitable values above script could then be run using:
sbatch <script_file> <txt file containing names for .laz files>


Installing LasTools other tools

Not open source LasTools tools are available only as .exe files, so they have to be run with wine (Windows emulator) in Taito-shell with NoMachine. Only the command-line tools worked in our tests, not the graphical interface.

The below installation has been tested by one user with commercial license and lasheight ja lasclassify tools, but it is possible that you get some problems with some other tools.

Open connection to Taito-shell, wine is not available in Taito. From Windows use NoMachine, from Linux normal connection might work, but is not tested.

1) Download LasTools
cd $HOME
cd appl_taito
(If you have LAStools license add it to bin-folder)

2) Run the 32-bit tools with wine64, for example.
wine64 ./LAStools/bin/lasinfo.exe -i /proj/ogiir-csc/mml/laserkeilaus/2008_latest/2018/T524/1/T5241H1.laz

According to our tests 64-bit tools do not work and also using wine instead of wine64 does not work.

Remember that Taito-shell has 4 cores as maximum.