LMS Virtual.Lab


LMS Virtual.Lab offers an integrated software suite to simulate the performance of mechanical system.


The following versions are available:

  • Revision 11
  • Revision 10
  • Revision 9
  • Revision 8b
  • Revision 8a


The program is available for all university and polytechnic customers. It is allowed to use the programs in public-domain non-commercial research and education taken into account all the terms and conditions on the agreements between CSC and the software vendors. The usage of these programs is free of charge. For more information please send an email to structural_mechanics (at) or sign in the Scientist's User Interface and go either to page Contracts and Agreements or to page Software. Please choose "Use CSC User Account" when you sign in the Scientist's User Interface.

More information

All materials are available in SUI at hte address:



In case of a question or problem, please contact CSC's Service Desk at servicedesk at