se How can I share a files in Sisu and Taito with other users?

If you need to share files with other Taito users you can use Pouta Object Storge. Alternatively you can apply for a project disk or storage quota in Ida service.

For small scale file sharing you can create a shared directory to your work directory.
This provides a quick way to share files with other Taito users from your group.


Creating a shared folder

You can can create a shared folder in following way:

1. move to $WRKDIR


2. Give your group members an execution permission to your $WRKDIR

chmod g+x ./

3. create a folder to be shared

mkdir shared

4. Change the permissions so that your group members can use the directory.

chmod g+rwx shared

5. Now the shared directory is ready and you can copy the file you want to share there.

 cp file $WRKDIR/shared

6. After copying, you must set the permissions of the copied files so that your colleague is able to use the file.

The command below gives your group members the permission to read the file but not to modify it:

 chmod g+rx $WRKDIR/shared/file

If you want that your group members are able to modify the data too, use following  command:

chmod g+rwx $WRKDIR/shared/file


Using the shared folder

Your group member could then link your shared folder to her $WRKDIR directory with commands:

ln -s /wrk/your_csc_account/shared ./shared

Here the your_csc_account should be replaced with the user account of the user who has created the shared directory.


Sharing data with users that don't belong to the same group

In the example above, the shared directory is opened only for users that belong to the same unix group as you. If you wish to share files with users that don't belong to your group, you should change the chmod commands above, so that in stead of group (g) the permissions are changed for all uses (a). Note however that in that case, all Taito users, who know the location of your shared directory, are able to access your shared files.