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null Unlimited academic Techila licences at CSC

What is Techila?

Techila is a service for parallelization of, e.g., MATLAB, R or Python codes. It is meant for running trivially parallelizable codes without major changes in the code. It may also help reducing the waiting times to get your jobs through, as it fills the cluster capacity that may be left idle by the Slurm batch job system. 

The advantage with Techila is that you can get relatively short, CPU intensive, trivially parallelizable jobs running on a lot up cores quickly and relatively hassle free once you have your environment set up. Techila might also be easier to start using if you don't have previous experience with HPC.

Techila is now available at CSC for academic use and currently utilizes the computational capacity on Taito supercluster. At the moment, there are no restrictions on the number of core a single user may request, but fair share policies of resource usage are implemented.

Service highlights

  • Techila plugs directly into the standard modeling tools, such as MATLAB, R and Python environments.
  • Techila integrates to the environment on your local PC. The Taito supercluster capacity is available seamlessly, without need to submit batch jobs.
  • For running MATLAB jobs from a Linux computer, you need to have a local MATLAB compiler in a 64-bit Linux environment, as the MATLAB code needs always to be compiled before execution via Techila at CSC. If you want to run MATLAB from Windows your university needs to provide MATLAB compiler for Techila at CSC. Instructions for this will be announced later (see the link below).

How to access?

  • Register as CSC's customer at, if you do not yet have a user account
  • Send email to and ask for credentials to the Techila server
  • Download and install the Techila SDK to your local workstation and configure your environment (link to instructions below)
  • Service is available on all higher education institutions in Finland.

More information (Techila usage at CSC) (Matlab with Techila) (R with Techila)

Techila software is developed by Techila Technologies.