WWW-Lemmie 2.0 is a web-based tool for dynamic corpus work in the Language Bank of Finland. WWW-Lemmie 2.0 is built on the Lemmie API 2.0, an object-oriented programmer's interface (written in Perl) to the lexical database of the Language Bank of Finland.

The fact that WWW-Lemmie 2.0 is based on the Lemmie API 2.0, makes it possible for you to seamlessly combine results from your own programs that use the Lemmie API 2.0 with the functionality of WWW-Lemmie 2.0 and vice versa (mainly to use results fetched with WWW-Lemmie 2.0 in your own programs). This interchangeability makes WWW-Lemmie 2.0 a really dynamic tool; the basic work can be done with WWW-Lemmie 2.0 and the real solving of a certain research problem can later be done with the help of the Lemmie API 2.0 and regular Perl programming. Or putting it another way: Use WWW-Lemmie 2.0 to test your hypotheses, and the Lemmie API 2.0 to prove them right.


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Lemmie is used in CSC's Scientist's User Interface.

The WWW-Lemmie 2.0 interface contains

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