List of linux commands discussed in this guide


Name Description
apropos Search commands based on their descriptions.
awk Pattern scanning and processing language.
bg Move halted process to background.
bunzip2 Decompress bzip2 compressed file.
bzip2 File compression tool.
cat Print files on the standard output.
cd Change directory.
chmod Change access permissions for a file or folder.
cp Copy a file.
cut Select columns from a file.
diff Compare two files.
du Show the disk usage.
echo Display a line of text.
emacs Text editor.
eog Image viewing program"
evince Viewer for pdf and PostScript files.
exit Log out from the system.
fg Move halted process to foreground.
file Determine file type.
find Search for files in a directory hierarchy.
for Start a for loop.
fusermount Unmount a remote mount created with sshfs.
gpg Encryption tool.
grep Print lines matching a pattern
groups Check which unix group you belong to
gunzip Decompress gzip compressed file.
gzip File compression tool.
head Show the first rows of a file.
history Show recent commands
icd Change the current iRODS working directory.
ichksum Calculate checksum for iRODS objects of collections.
if Start conditional statement.
iget Get a file from iRODS server.
iinit Initialize iRODS session.
ils List iRODS directories.
imkdir Make an iRODS directory.
iput Put (store) a file into iRODS server.
irm Remove data object from iRODS server.
kill Terminate a running command or process.
less Pager program.
ln Make links between files
ls Show the content of a directory.
man Show the manual page for a command.
md5sum Calculate an md5 checksum for a file.
mkdir Create a new directory.
module Use environment module system.
more Pager program.
mv Move or rename files.
nano Simple text edeitor.
newgrp Change temporary your user group.
pbunzip2 Parallel version of bunzip2 decompression command.
pbzip2 Parallel version of the bzip2 file compression tool.
printf Write formatted text to standard output.
ps2pdf Convert a PostSript file to a PDF file.
ps Show current processes.
pwd Show current working directory.
quota Show disk usage in CSC environment.
rmdir Remove a directory.
rm Remove a file.
rsync Tool for data transfer and synchronization.
s3cmd/a> Client program for using Object Storage
sacct Show information about executed batch jobs
saldo Tool to check you CPU quota.
sbatch Submit a batch job.
scp Tool for data transfer.
sed Stream editor.
sinfo Show information about the batch job environment.
sort Sort data.
source Execute a command script.
squeue Show the submitted batch jobs.
sshfs Create a remote file mount.
ssh Connect to a remote server.
tail Show the last lines of a file.
tar Data packing tool
tr Translate characters.
uniq Report or omit repeated lines.
unzip Decompress zip compressed file.
vim Text editor.
wc Show the number of characters, words and rows for a file.
wget Download files from public web sites.
while Start while-loop.
xterm Open new xterm window.
zip Data packing and compression tool.
zstdmt Data packing and compression tool.
7zip Data packing and compression tool.