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User Accounts for Researchers Working Abroad

Also a member or a close collaborator of a Finnish research group who works abroad can apply for rights to use CSC's resouces if the requirements for international use are satisfied.

The right for international use of a researcher working abroad is valid for a fixed period provided that the information given in the application form is valid and the grounds for international use are effective. The project manager (i.e., the principal investigator) is obliged to inform CSC on any changes in the international use and the information given in the application. The use rights will be checked regularly. CSC reserves the right to change this policy and limit the international use if necessary.

How to apply

The project manager (principal investigator) should send an application containing the following information to CSC (address servicedesk@csc.fi). CSC will notify the practical procedures after the application has been handled. A new CSC project may be opened for approved applications.

The application should include the following information:

  • Project identifier (e.g. 2001679, uef4713)
  • Collaborator's name, organization and email address
  • Period of time for which the right for use is applied

Allocation criteria

CSC's computational resources are primarily intended for the use of academic research groups in Finland. However, scientific collaboration has become more and more international. The top research groups are well networked, and many research groups have international collaboration projects. The following instructions concern the international use of infrastructure funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

The rights for international use may be granted on the following grounds

  • The research must be public.
  • The project manager (principal investigator) should be working in Finland and he has to have the right to use CSC's resources (e.g., a professor in a Finnish university).
  • The funding of the researcher working abroad, to whom the right for international use is being applied for, comes from an organization equivalent to a Finnish university or polytechnic.
  • The project manager should have a leading computational role in the research project.
  • CSC's services should be acknowledged in the publications of the project, and a considerable number of the authors should be affiliated to a Finnish university or research institute.
  • The results (knowledge, experience, publications) of the international use should benefit research groups in Finland.

International use may be restricted by the following

  • Researcher's nationality (the procurement contracts of computers may limit the use of some nationalities)
  • Software licenses (no right to use from abroad)
  • Limited amount of resources at CSC

The applicant has the right of appeal.

More information

servicedesk@csc.fi, tel. +358 9 457 2821