Billing Unit Rates and Pricing of Computing Services

The use of CSC's computing, cloud and related storage resources is based on billing units (BUs). CSC's computing services are free of charge for academic research and education by Finnish higher education institutions and by state research institutes (subsidized by the Ministry of Education and Culture).

Please see the Billing model for more information on how BUs are consumed in different services. The prices and pricing principles on this page are valid for other use that does not fall within open research nor educational scope. You can use the billing unit and pricing calculator below to estimate your project's billing unit consumption and its costs.

Billing projects

If you have more than one project, you might want to use one project for certain tasks and the other projects for other tasks. This can be done by changing the user's billing project. The billing project indicates the project quota that your compute jobs are currently consuming. The default billing project is set in the SUI customer portal. This selection affects Taito, Sisu and Rahti, and can be overridden in each service as described here. Setting the default billing project does not affect cPouta and ePouta. IDA and Kaivos are not subject to charge, so there is no need to set a billing project.

The CSC environment offers the saldo command for monitoring your project's usage of CSC's computing resources. The unix commands id and groups show the projects you belong to. With the command id your billing project is indicated by gid, for example gid=12345. The command groups shows your billing project as first.

More information about changing the billing project

Billing Unit and Price Calculator

Sisu supercomputer

Taito cluster

Taito GPU cluster

Taito-shell interactive cluster

Pouta cloud VMs

CSC Computing Base Package

The CSC computing packages are primarily sold to state or higher education institution segment customers when the intended usage does not fall within open research nor educational use.

Fast and easy way to start using our computing services

The CSC Computing Base Package includes all you need to get started with the CSC computing services. It is also the minimum amount of resources that can be procured from CSC. The package is charged once.

What's included in the Base Package?

  • 20 000 billing units (BUs)
  • 1 TiB storage
    • Cloud systems: 1 TiB initial pool in which customer can create virtual disks (volumes).* Volume usage is charged in BUs according to volume lifetime, using the conversion factors in price list. Please note that both the computing and the storage from the 1 TiB pool consume the same 20 000 BU quota.
  • 4 user accounts
  • 2 public IPs for the cloud systems (Not applicable for ePouta)
  • Small amount of backed up home-directory space for the non-cloud systems
  • Support by our experts via CSC Service Desk

*) Pool can be grown by application or by request to your sales representative. Apply for more storage in Customer Portal:

Price for the base package (VAT 0%) 1190 EUR



Additional resources and consulting services

  Billing units
(per 20 000 BUs)
Storage for Sisu, Taito and Taito-shell
(per TiB/year)

Cloud storage (BUs per TiB hour)

Taito GPUs Consulting
(per day)
Additional user account
Additional public IP (BUs per hour)
Standard price 420 EUR 395 EUR 3.5 BUs

Full K80 node: 100 BU/h

Full P100 node: 200 BU/h

989 EUR 30 EUR 0.2 BUs

If you have a contract with CSC that has a different pricing model than on this page, you will always be billed according to your contract.


Billing model

The pricing of computing, cloud and storage services is based on billing units (BUs), whose hourly rate of consumption depends on the service.

The billing unit rates are as follows:

  • Sisu: 2 BUs per 1 core hour or 48 BUs per 1 node hour (same as earlier).
    • Total BUs = 2 * reserved cores * used wall clock time.
  • Taito: 2 BUs per 1 core hour or 4 GB memory block hour.
    • Total BUs = 2 * max (reserved cores, reserved memory (in GB) / 4 GB) ) * used wall clock time, where the division is rounded up to the nearest integer.
  • Taito GPU: 25% of full node BUs per 1 GPU or 25% of full node cores or 25% of full node memory
    • Total BUs = 0.25 * Full_node_BU/h * max (reserved GPUs, (4 * reserved cores)/node cores, (4 * reserved memory)/node memory) * used wall clock time, where the division is rounded up to the nearest integer.
    • For Full_node_BU/h rates please see the table below.
  • Taito-shell: 2 BUs per 1 core hour (same as earlier).
    • Total BUs = 2 * reserved cores * used wall clock time.
  • cPouta and ePouta: See the cPouta & ePouta Virtual Machine Flavors table.
    • Please note that the active virtual machines consume BUs even when they are idle. Please see Pouta user guide for further details.

The storage is billed as follows: