Billing Units and Pricing of Computing Services

Many of CSC's services are free of charge for academic research, education and training purposes in Finnish higher education institutions and in state research institutes (subsidized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland). The use of computing, cloud and related storage resources is based on billing units (BUs).

The billing model describes, how BUs are consumed in different services. You can use the billing unit and pricing calculator on this page to estimate your project's billing unit consumption and its costs. The costs in euros apply only, if your use doesn't fall within open research or educational use.

Billing Models

CSC Computing Base Package

The CSC computing packages are primarily sold to customers in Finnish higher education institutions or state research institutes, when the intended usage does not fall within open research nor educational use, and always sold to commercial companies.

The CSC Computing Base Package includes all you need to get started with the CSC computing services. It is also the minimum amount of resources that can be procured from CSC. The package is charged once.

The Base Package includes

Price for the base package (VAT 0 %) is 1190 EUR.

Additional Resources and Consulting Services

  • Billing units (20 000 BUs): 420 EUR (VAT 0 %)
  • Consulting will be billed according to your contract with CSC.

Billing Unit and Price Calculator