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Bioscience mailing list & Bioinfo Newsletter

Bioinformatics training and changes in software, databases and other bioscience services at CSC are announced via the bioscience e-mail list. We collect the most relevant topics to a Bioinfo Newsletter, which we send roughly bimonthly. We also use this list to spread other bioinformatics and biocomputation related news like upcoming courses, conferences and open positions at CSC and elsewhere in Finland.

Membership of this mailing list is automatically determined by the field of science set for your CSC user account. You can check and edit your selected field of science and up account settings in "My Profile" in the You do not need to be a customer of CSC in order to benefit of this e-mail list: to just subscribe or unsubscribe the list, please go to the subscription page of the bioclients mailing list. 

The bioclient list is spam filtered and moderated. You should not receive any spam mail through this list but if this happens, please send email to the list administrator Kimmo Mattila (kimmo.mattila(at)

CSC is a member of the following networks

  • ELIXIR, European Life Sciences Infrastructure for Biological Information
  • EMBnet, Global bioinformatics network
  • GOBLET, Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training
  • CSC is a member of the National Graduate School in Informational and Structural Biology ISB