Bioinformatics Tools and Services

We offer various tools and services useful in computing and data management for bioinformatics. Please note that most of CSC services are free for academic researchers in Finland but may require a CSC user account.

Software available on CSC's supercomputers

CSC's supercomputers have a wide range of preinstalled scientific software and databases with usage instructions, so that you can concentrate on science instead of system administration.

Our Puhti and Mahti supercomputers have readily installed bio tools, which you can find listed on CSC Docs. Puhti web interface offers an easy way to run these tools. Many of these tools can be used with the easy-to-use Chipster graphical user interface software. 

We also offer training and user support via our service desk, for example, in installing your own software.

Further information

Services for managing research data

Our data management webpages gather information, tips and tools available at different stages of your research project. 

The video below introduces the data management services that CSC and ELIXIR Finland offer. An example research group is studying genomics and trying to find the best solutions for their needs. 

Our SD Services offer simple to use web-interfaces which provide a secure workspace and facilitate sensitive data management.


ELIXIR – European life-science infrastructure for biological information

ELIXIR coordinates and develops life science services across Europe. CSC hosts the Finnish ELIXIR node and provides services and training for researchers. 

You can find information on good data management practices, tools and services offered on ELIXIR Research Data Management Kit (RDMKit). It has guidelines, information, and pointers to help you with any problems arising throughout your research project.

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