Bioinformatics Tools and Services

CSC's computers have a wide range of preinstalled scientific software and databases with usage instructions, so that you can concentrate in science instead of system administration. We also offer training and user support via CSC Service Desk, e.g. to install your own code.

Most of the services are free for academic researchers in Finland but require a user account at CSC.

See the link below for readily installed bio tools in Puhti and Mahti supercomputersMany of these tools can be used with the easy-to-use Chipster graphical user interface software. 

 The list of installed softwares in Puhti and Mahti supercomputers

 The tool listing in Chipster

What if my software is not on the list? See further instructions here. Note that you can always suggest a software installation or ask for help (

See also the list of services for data management!

The ELIXIR Research Data Management Kit (RDMkit) is an online guide containing good data management practices applicable to research projects from the beginning to the end.

ELIXIR coordinates and develops life science services across Europe. 

 ELIXIR services

 Services by ELIXIR Finland