Changes to computing environment

This page will collect the most important changes for users regarding the new infrastructure. For more detailed documentation see

The page will be updated as the commissioning of the infrastructure proceeds.

How to apply for new services

Users must apply for new services (currently Puhti and Allas) separately through a CSC Customer Portal. No access will be granted automatically. Resources which are already granted for your project (billing units) can be used with the new services. More information can be found at:

Disk areas in Puhti

In Puhti there are three main disk areas: home, projappl and scratch. Home directory is the only user specific directory in Puhti. Other directories are project specific. If you are a member in several projects you have access to several scratch or projappl directories, but still have just one home directory. Scratch directory is not meant for long term data storage and files that have not been used for 90 days will be automatically removed. More details about disk areas in Puhti can be found in the User documentation.

How will computing and storage consume billing units?

With the new services, in contrast to the current practice, also memory and storage will consume billing units.

  • Puhti and Puhti-AI billing unit consumption will depend linearly on number of requested cores, GPUs and amount of memory per core.
  • Puhti fast work disk: There will be a default quota divided between executables/scripts and data/scratch (the data directory will be subject to periodic cleaning). This default quota will not consume billing units, but if a project needs more, the excess will be billed linearly based on the quota.
  • Allas object storage will be billed linearly based on used capacity.

See for more information and Billing unit calculator.

There is no default billing project in Puhti, users must always specify the project in their batch job scripts.

Video about the new infrastructure