Changes to computing environment

This page will collect the most important changes for users regarding the new infrastructure.

The page will be updated as the commissioning of the infrastructure proceeds.

Using Sisu after the removal of the old part of Taito

After the removal of the Sandy Bridge part of Taito in 1.2.2019, Sisu can be used also for smaller parallel workloads as the minimum number of nodes in "small" batch job partition will be reduced to one (this means that the minimum job size will be 24 cores). Serial jobs will remain in Taito.

Due to the reduced capacity in Taito, the queuing time may increase in the spring. Customers who are running parallel simulations that can utilize Sisu can benefit from carrying out those on Sisu, and this in turn also helps to free up resources for customers running Taito-only workloads. In particular larger scale simulations may benefit from moving to Sisu.

Sisu access can be applied by the project manager of CSC project in the customer portal at CSC can provide support for moving workloads from Taito to Sisu, also if you are unsure whether your workload can be moved to Sisu please contact The Sisu user guide can be found at