Comparison of SD Services and ePouta

If you are choosing between our services for sensitive data, take a look at the points below to determine what suits your goals best.

Please note that you don't have to select one service over the other: ePouta and SD services can complement each other. For example, you could preprocess sensitive data in ePouta, and then transfer it to SD services for analysis and to give your collaborators access to the data.

In case you need assistance in choosing the right service for your needs, please contact us at

SD services

  • Used for sensitive data analysis, storage, sharing, publication, and reuse under controller access
  • Available via MyCSC portal on demand
  • Accessible from the public internet
  • No technical skills required
  • Software maintained by CSC
  • Four predefined computing environments; supports max. 3 virtual environments per project (30 users)
  • Data uploaded via the user interface or programmatically; managed data export
  • Data access managed by the user
  • Direct support available via CSC's service desk

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  • Used for sensitive data analysis and storage
  • Needs to be built as part of your organization's infrastructure with the help of your IT unit and CSC
  • Accessible only from the internal network of your organization (requires a VPN)
  • Requires Linux OpenStack admin skills
  • Software and computing capacity are fully customizable
  • Data uploads or exports outside the organization network require support from the IT unit
  • Data access managed by CSC or your organization's IT unit

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