Coordination for Networks of Research Services and Administration

The unique position of CSC in the university and science field offers broad horizon in supporting research administration. CSC facilitates cooperation, interaction and sharing of knowledge and experience through coordination of the TUHA network. Through joint work we can make innovations that improve research administration and research itself! Check also the introduction of ORCID researcher identifier in Finland.

TUHA – Network for Research Services and Administration

Keeping track of all the technological solutions and steps made by other institutions is time consuming and hard. CSC is the coordinator of TUHA which is a cooperation network for people and networks working with administration and support of research in higher education institutions, research organizations and other groups of interest. TUHA aims to facilitate cooperation, interaction and sharing of knowledge and experience. It also works as a coordinating group for joint efforts.

TUHA network is organized in nine groups: publication metrics, publication metadata, research data and material, ORCID cooperation, research infrastructures, research evaluation, research vocabularies, enterprise architecture and research policies. Besides these there is also the coordination group for TUHA and five networks working with TUHA: Finnish Network for RDI Directors of Universities of Applied Sciences, Finnish Association for Research Managers and Advisors (FinnARMA), FinnovationChampions, Finnish Network for University Libraries (SYN) and Finnish Doctoral Education Network.

All interested people and networks engaged in research administration and support can join TUHA by filling out this form: Joining keeps you updated on what TUHA does and gives you access to the events and work groups TUHA organizes.

More Information

TUHA-network's wiki (in Finnish)

Contact: Walter Rydman, coordinator,


ORCID ( is an international registry of unique identifiers for researchers and scholars that is open, non-proprietary, transparent, mobile, and community-based. ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes every contributor from every other contributor and supports automated linkages among all professional activities.

ORCID is founded on interoperability with multiple systems and institutions. ORCID allows researchers and research organizations to link with other identifier systems, including those maintained by funders and publishers, and exchange data between research information systems. Through ORCID you can maintain all of your key research information in one place, and you control your own privacy settings, including what information is displayed publicly, what is shared only with trusted partners.

CSC coordinates Finland's national ORCID consortium. The consortium consists of thirteen research organizations and CSC. CSC also provides a national connect service which enables researchers to link their ORCID identifier to their research organization.

You can reach CSC's ORCID support team through email if you have any questions concerning the use of ORCID in Finland or if you wish inquire about membership in the consortium.

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