4.1 Application software selection at CSC

CSC maintains a wide selection of scientific software on it's servers. The list of supported software can be found from http://research.csc.fi/software. You can also find software lists from the science discipline specific pages: http://research.csc.fi/sciences.

Each of supported software have an own instruction page that contains information about where the software is installed, what versions are in use and how the software will be used at CSC (for example, what module load command sets up the program environment). Always study the CSC instructions page of the software at first, before using it. That helps you to find the best way to to use it on CSC's servers.

The most of the installed applications are open source tools that can be used without restrictions. Some of the academic programs, however, require that the user first joins to the user community or accepts software specific usage rights. In the case of commercial applications, such as Abaqus, Gaussian or Gold, the software license usually allows only academic usage and restricts the number of simultaneous users.

In addition to the officially supported software, there is a large amount of other software tools installed on the servers of CSC. Typically, these tools have been installed for testing or for the needs of training courses. You can use them if you like, but you should be aware that they are not actively maintained.

If the application you would like to use, is not available at CSC, you can either install or compile it by yourself for your own use. You may also ask CSC's specialist to add the tool. Normally, only software , that will have more than just few users, will be added to the selection of supported software at CSC. In other cases, the CSC's staff will help you to do your own private installation (see chapter 3.1.5).

Table 4.1 Scientific software that used the most processor time in the servers of CSC at year 2015.


Used computing time in CPU years.

Gromacs 8995
GPAW 5238
NAMD 2497
CP2K 1611
VASP 1064
Gaussian 486.8
Vlasiator 476.8
Turbomole 246.8
BLAST 199.5
Molpro 133.8
ORCA 115.0
R 114.8
Maestro 98.18
MATLAB 95.15
Elmer 78.93


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