1.2 Getting access to CSC services

Getting access to CSC services is normally a process that contains two steps:


Registration process depends on which type of organization you belong to.

  • Users from Finnish universities and polytechnics can register as a CSC customer by filling in a registration form on the Scientist's User Interface (see below).
  • Users from foreign universities and polytechnics can register as a CSC customer if they are in close co-operation with a Finnish research group, and if the research is lead by this Finnish group. Applications for user accounts for researchers working abroad are considered by the CSC Resource Allocation Group in three week intervals.
  • Users from other organizations and non-academic researchers need to make a customer agreement with CSC to become a CSC customer.

When registering, the new uses agree to follow the General Terms of Use (see the links below) when using the CSC computing services:

Accompanied with your newly created user account, you will get a Personal Project, which has access to many CSC services. However, the computing quota and other resources are quite limited. To get access to more services and more resources, an Academic Project or a Commercial Project need to be opened (see chapter 1.4).

1.2.1 Registration as an academic user

Academic researchers working in Finland can register as a CSC user using the Scientist's User Interface (SUI):

 Register as a new CSC user

The link above opens the entry page of Scientist's User Interface shown in Figure 1.1. The registration process is started by clicking the HAKA button. After this you need to select first your home organization from the drop-down menu and authenticate yourself using your home organization's username and password. If your organization is not shown in the dropdown menu of organizations, or the HAKA Login doesn't work, please contact the CSC Service Desk.

Figure 1.1 Entry page of Scientist's User Interface.

If you are entering to the Scientists User Interface for the first time, you will be automatically guided to a Sign Up form where you need to define the information that is used to create your new CSC user account. Please fill in the Sign Up form carefully (Figure 1.2.). The email address you give should be the email address provided by your home organization. Please do not use gmail or other external email addresses here.

You also need to assign a password for your CSC account. Please ensure that you are setting a proper password as instructed in Chapter 1.2.2.

Figure 1.2: Customer registration form at the Scientist's User Interface.

Once the registration form is filled an submitted, you new account is created in a few minutes and an announcement about your account  is sent to the email address you provided.


1.2.2 CSC username and password

To be able to connect to CSC computing servers you need a CSC username and a password. The CSC username is permanent  and assigned by CSC. The password is set by the user and it needs to be updated at least once a year. You will receive an email notification when your password is expiring. Please note that if you do not change your password in 30 days after the notification,  your user account will be closed.

Normally you assign your first CSC password in the Sign Up form when you register as a new CSC customer (Chapter 1.2.1). After that you can maintain your CSC password with the following tools:

  • If you know your CSC username and password, please update your password in SUI using the My Account tool.
  • If you remember your CSC username, you can assign a new CSC password in SUI by clicking on the Forgot Password link.
  • If you have questions about your CSC user name, please contact the CSC Service Desk.

The CSC password should meet the following requirements:

  • Use minimum of twelve (12) characters (A-Z,a-z,0-9). No special characters allowed
  • Use at least one (1) uppercase letter, one (1) lowercase letter and one (1) number
  • No special characters allowed
  • Do not use email address as a password
  • Do not use words/names/abbreviations in any language
  • Do not reuse your current password


1.2.3 Forgot Password

 If you remember your CSC username, you can assign a new password using the Forgot password link on the Sign in page of the Scientist's User Interface. Click on the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions.

Figure 1.3 Forgot password link in the Scientist's User Interface.

You will receive an email with subject: ‘CSC - Setting a new password / Uuden salasanan asettaminen' with a personal link. Click on  the link and set a new password. The changed password is propagated to all CSC servers and services within few minutes.

1.2.4 Changing user information with My Account tool

You can view and edit your contact details and other information at the Scientist's User Interface. When signed in, click your name on the upper right corner. The My Account page opens. You can also change your password there.


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