5. Moving data between CSC and local environment

The disk environment of CSC allows user to deal with very large datasets. However, transferring large datasets to CSC can take a long time. Data transfer performance depends mostly on available bandwidth and distance or latency of the connection. Recent operating systems have automatic TCP buffer tuning feature that improves data transfer performance. Firewalls and VPN tunnels may cause performance degradation. Transferring a 1 GB file to or from CSC computing environment should usually not take more than a minute or two if the organization's network is connected to Funet. Contact the local IT support in case of problems.

5.1 Copying files from linux and Mac OSX machines with scp

5.2 Graphical file transfer tools

5.2.1 FileZilla - general file transfer tool
5.2.2 File transfer in Windows with WinSCP

5.3 Using rsync for data transfer and synchronisation

Rsync example 1. copying a directory structure from local computer to CSC
Rsync example 2. Synchronizing directories within a one server
Rsync example 3. Copying a large file from remote site to CSC

5.4 Using wget to download data from web sites to CSC

5.5 Using Funet FileSender to share and transport files

5.5.1. Uploading data to FileSender
5.5.2 Download data from FileSender

5.6 Remote disk mounts