5.6 Using Funet FileSender to share and transport files

Funet FileSender is a browser based service for sending large files to colleagues. It provides as an alternative to e-mail attachments but it can be used for moving files to CSC environment too. The Funet FileSender allows you to upload and send files up to 300 GB size. The service is not intended for long-term storage, but the files are deleted automatically after the preservation time is exceeded. The maximum preservation time is 21 days.

The Funet FileSender service is available for all Haka-enabled organisations without any additional measures. For example CSC user account is not needed to use this service. Both sending and receiving are possible without installing any additional programs.

You can use Funet FileSender to share your files with anybody. The receiver doesn't need any authentication for downloading the file from FileSender. If you don't belong to Haka, you need a colleague who can send you an upload voucher. The voucher is a one-time permit to use the service for sending a file.

5.6.1. Uploading data to FileSender

First login to the service with your web browser in URL: https://filesender.funet.fi. You should login to the system with your Haka credentials: first select your home organization and use your local user name and password to long in (not CSC user name and password).

After this you can specify the email address of the recipient and use the Browse button to select the file you want to send. After the temporary storage time is defined (Expiry date:) and the usage terms are accepted press the Send button to upload the file. Once the file is uploaded the recipient will get an e-mail notification.

It is possible to administer your files while they are waiting for the pick-up. Click the My Files button to do this.

Figure 5.8 Funet FileSender file upload page (https://filesender.funet.fi/).

Figure 5.8 Funet FileSender file upload page (https://filesender.funet.fi/).


5.6.2 Download data from FileSender

The recipient will get an email that contains an URL to the download page of the submitted file. You can start the download by pressing the "Start Download" button. This button is linked to the URL containing the actual file and it can be used to download the file to your local computer
Figure 5.9 Funet FileSender Download page.

However, the URL pointing to the uploaded file, can be used also from other applications, not only through the FileSender interface. Thus, if you copy the URL that the Start Download button points to, you can use it with the wget command to download the file directly to the CSC servers. The syntax of the wget command in this case would be

wget "file_sender_url" -O output_file_name

For example, if the uploaded file "tophat_test.tgz" has URL:


It can be downloaded to Taito with command:

wget "https://filesender.funet.fi/download.php?vid=697d15b6-6190-37a9-9b8f-00005fa28192" -O tophat_test.tgz


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