Data discovery

During the research process you have to describe or document various physical and nonphysical resources on the datasets. The origin, content, location, license, restrictions of use, and other necessary information are needed. Search services include descriptive information (metadata) on research datasets. The better the description of the dataset is, the easier it is to find and use it.

Existing research datasets may be available for reuse. Datasets can be discovered and access requested through the Finnish research data finder Etsin as well as the European metadata and discovery service of EUDAT B2FIND.

You can use Etsin to search for data or publish information on your own datasets and offer them for wider use.

Etsin only stores metadata, not the data itself. In order to describe a dataset you need to authenticate yourself by logging in with Haka. Etsin is a service provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture and produced by CSC – IT Center for Science (CSC).

B2FIND is a discovery service based on metadata steadily harvested from research data collections from EUDAT data centres and other repositories. You can use B2FIND if you want to find collections of scientific data quickly and easily, irrespective of their origin, discipline or community. B2FIND is open to all researchers and scientists free of charge. B2FIND is a EUDAT service.