Data analytics

CSC offers services and computing resources for processing and analyzing large collections of data. Data-intensive research, data science and big data produced in public and private sectors all drive growth for new services. We develop our services to match the growing needs.

Getting started

CSC offers a range of computing environments to choose from depending on the type of work and tools that are required. They all support large scale data processing. CSC also develops and provides ready-made application services that are easy to use and quick to get started with.

We recommend the following computational solutions for data intensive tasks:

  • Data analysis and statistics with the R and Python languages in the Taito-shell environment. FreeNX is recommended for graphical use (RStudio).
  • Notebooks provides easy-to-use environments for working with data and programming.
  • Data processing with your custom software environment in the cPouta cloud.
  • Distributed in-memory computing of massive datasets with Spark in the cPouta cloud. The Pouta virtual cluster tool makes Spark setup easy.
  • Hadoop and Spark courses and training in the cPouta cloud.
  • The Notebooks tool makes environment setup easy, and only the instructor needs a CSC account.
  • Data storage and archiving in the storage environment available at CSC.

CSC specialists help in choosing the right tools and environment for your data analysis. We provide support for using our environment and help in case of any problems. The CSC user support can be contacted via the Service Desk. We also provide courses on different topics of data-intensive computing.

The services require a CSC account, which is available free of charge for researchers at higher education institutions in Finland.