Data Management and Analytics

Modern data management and data analytics services as well as flexible solutions for various fields of science and research infrastructures.

Data management planning

Research data management is a part of all research projects. Research funders require creating a plan for managing your data. For this purpose, we recommend the Tuuli data management planning tool developed by the Finnish research organzation network.

Data discovery

Existing research datasets may be available for reuse in your research. Datasets can be discovered and access requested via the Finnish research data finder Etsin as well as the European metadata and discovery service of EUDAT B2FIND.

Data analytics

We offer a wide range of services and computing resources for processing and analyzing large collections of data. We also develop and provide application services for getting started with data analytics.

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Data storage

Data storage services enable users to manage their research data during active analysis and offer long-term storage for stable data. Storage is provided for both individual use and as a shared resource, including between organizations. Large storage quotas are available by application.

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Data sharing and open data

We recommend sharing your research data when possible and reusing available open data. Sharing research data can increase your impact, lead to new collaborations and promote innovation. Data sharing services help provide you with credit for your data and enable you to access existing data resources.

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Expert support

We can assist you in finding the best solution for managing your data, including large volumes of data and sensitive data. See Best practices for data for our recommendations on working with data. We also provide expert support on data analytics in new fields and for novel processing approaches in computational sciences.

Data management services are currently developed and offered under various national and international initiatives and infrastructures: