Computing Resources and Services

Links to our state-of-the art computing environments and cloud services, and to international computing resources.

Supercomputer Puhti

The air-cooled supercomputer Puhti allows users to run serial and small parallel jobs through a batch queueing system. Puhti includes CPU based nodes with a range of memory, and nodes with Nvidia VoltaGPUs (Puhti-AI) for HPC and AI workloads.

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Supercomputer Mahti

The Mahti supercomputer, Atos BullSequana XH2000 system based on AMD CPUs, is now available. Mahti is designed for massively parallel jobs requiring high floating point performance and a fast interconnect. The peak performance of Mahti is 7.5 Petaflops.

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Supercomputer LUMI

When LUMI starts operating in early 2021, it will be one of the most competitive supercomputers in the world. Theoretical peak performance of LUMI will be over 200 petaflops.

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Kvasi, the Quantum Learning Machine

With Kvasi, users can familiarize themselves with the upcoming era of quantum computing. The users have access to ready-made examples, and can test and develop new quantum algorithms in a Jupyter notebook environment. 

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Allas object storage

Allas object storage service provides a cross-platform service for storing and sharing data. In the CSC computing environment, Allas should be used to store any data that needs to be preserved for longer than a few weeks.

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Using cPouta, customers can quickly deploy self-administered servers using a simple user interface.

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In ePouta, security is taken onto a whole new level. ePouta customers have dedicated connections from their home networks directly to their ePouta servers. ePouta is ideal for organizations that require high performance, high security and a certified environment for sensitive data handling.

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Rahti is a cloud computing service that allows Users to host applications and make them accessible over the web. Users can manage their resources using a web interface accessible through a web browser and through a set of APIs which allow programmatic management of resources.

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Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) is a persistent, pan-European Research Infrastructure (RI) for High-Performance Computing (HPC) managed as a single European entity.

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Grand Challenges

The CSC Grand Challenge calls are aimed at scientific research projects that require computational resources exceeding CSC's standard project resources.

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HPC-Europa 3

HPC-Europa is an EC programme which funds researchers to carry out short "transnational access" visits to other countries to collaborate with another research group and provides access to supercomputers at the host country.

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Grid computing

Grid computing enables applying the resources of many computers or computing clusters in a network to a single problem at the same time. The grid combines various computing resources, data banks, and measuring devices that comprise a pool of resources for coordinated, integrated and flexible shared use.

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High performance computing

High performance computing (HPC) means the capacity to apply tens of thousands of processing units to a single problem. A HPC system can work on a problem in parallel and is more than a large pile of fast laptops. Without parallel processing, such simulations could take hundreds of years to perform. Typical use cases for HPC include simulations and data-analysis.

CSC currently hosts two supercomputers: Puhti and Mahti. Puhti's use cases vary from interactive single core data processing to medium scale simulations, while Mahti is geared towards medium to large scale simulations.

One of the EuroHPC world-class supercomputers, LUMI, will be taken into use early 2021. It will be one of the most competitive supercomputers in the world for research purposes.

Cloud Computing

CSC offers a variety of cloud computing services: the Pouta IaaS services and the Rahti container cloud service.

With the Pouta services, you can can take the control of your IT infrastructure, manage it in flexible fashion, and automate it as you require. You can launch and manage virtual machines, deploy storage, and create networks for your needs. This infrastructure can be used for anything you need, or can imagine.

Rahti makes the deployment of applications a breeze. This is a higher level service than the Pouta services, and Rahti automatically takes care of a lot of the lower level management - so that you don't have to. Rahti is based on Red Hat's OKD, which is a distribution of Kubernetes and uses Docker containers to run applications.

Our services are hosted in Finland, assuring that your data is safe in our data centers. The systems are connected to the high performance Funet network. Both platforms are available as a commercial service as well.

The cPouta and Rahti services are available to any user with access to the computing services at CSC, while the ePouta service is primarily targeted to IT administrators of organizations.

Special Resources and Projects

If the computing or storage resources offered by CSC through the normal allocation process are not sufficient or adequate for your needs, there are a number of options to turn to:

  • Normal CSC resource allocation process
  • The Finnish Grid and Cloud Infrastructure (FGCI)
  • CSC Grand Challenge project calls
  • Partnership for Advance Computing in Europe (PRACE)