What are Sensitive Data Services?

We designed our services for sensitive data with a vision in mind:

Simple web-user interfaces to secure your research 

Sensitive Data Connect (SD Connect) and Sensitive Data Desktop (SD Desktop) are simple web-user interfaces that help you to manage sensitive data during your research. 

SD Connect allows you to store, collect and share encrypted sensitive data. In SD Desktop, you can launch and access a private computing environment with a simple click. 

Handling sensitive data requires strict procedures and limited access. We have worked in order to simplify every step possible and build you a personal secure workspace/platform that you can access from your own computer regardless of your location. At the same time, we designed specific protocols that will ensure the safety and protection of your research data. Next to bringing flexibility/adaptability to your research, SD Connect and SD Desktop, provide a completely isolated work environment, available just for  you and your colleagues. 


Promote collaboration across research organizations

With SD Connect and SD Desktop you always remain the data controller: you have all the tools to manage the access to your sensitive data. You can share encrypted data or you can authorize your collaborators to access your workspace in SD Desktop. In this way, it is not necessary to move data across borders or distribute multiple copies during your collaborative projects. Your research data remain in Finland complying with national and European legislation.  


Support for your research from start to end

Once your analysis is finished, you can delete your private computing workspace and all the data in it and you can archive them in public repositories: SD Submit or Federated EGA.

SD Submit is a national repository for sensitive data that will be available in open beta from autumn of 2021. SD Submit will give you tools to perform data submission, describe your data, and also decide the policies based on which the data will be available for reuse. Federated EGA is a repository specific for genetic and phenotypic data, part of an international infrastructure that promotes reuse between European researchers. Both services are designed to comply with FAIR data principles while your data remains under controlled access. 

Thus, while SD Connect and SD Desktop provide a secure workspace to collect, store, share and analyze sensitive data, SD Submit (or Federated EGA) and SD Apply, facilitate all the steps necessary to publish the data under controlled access and facilitate their re-use.

The Sensitive Data Services for Research have been designed to work as one workspace, where the encrypted data is streamed across services along all the steps of your research.


Feedback and future development

Our services can be used to manage any data format: images, audio files, text files, genetic and phenotypic data. You can choose between different Desktops and select a suitable workspace either for simple or more complex analysis. We understand your needs and we are working to provide completely customizable  services.

Our new services start simple but they will be refined and expanded based on user feedback. Do let us know of your needs!

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The services are developed in close cooperation with international stakeholders and different parties in CSC. Operational costs of the services are paid by the Ministry of Education and Culture whereas the development is funded through a number of external grants including Academy of Finland, European commission, Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) and ELIXIR.