Future developments

SD Desktop (compute) and SD Connect (store and share) are publicly available from March 30, 2022, while SD Submit (publish) and SD Apply (reuse) are in the pilot phase. 

Planned maintenance breaks are always communicated to our users directly via SD Desktop mailing list. They are also listed on the service breaks' page.

Below we summarise the future developments and plans for improving and expanding Sensitive Data (SD) services.


Authentication and authorization

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA). SD services will be accessible only using MFA. In addition to a username and a password, users will have to present a second authentication method to access the computing environment in SD Desktop. For example, a one-time password (OTP) received via a mobile app could be used in MFA.

We developed MFA based on customer’s requirements and feedback during the Open Beta phase, and it became one of our development  priorities. This feature is available on SD Desktop since April 20, 2022 (user guide to MFA). It will be enabled on SD Connect in Q4 2022 at the latest.

Integration between SD services and MyCSC portal

MyCSC portal allows users to manage their CSC account and CSC project(s). Our aim is to integrate encryption key management and direct access to SD services using MyCSC.  This is expected in Q4 2022.

Integration between SD Desktop and HPC

Our supercomputers (Puhti and Mahti) are classic general-purpose computing platforms that are used by hundreds of users simultaneously. In normal use their security level doesn't match the requirements for processing sensitive data. We are working on identifying and testing the methods that would allow sensitive data processing in these services. Our first goal is to set up a preliminary service that would enable users to submit well-encapsulated computing tasks from SD Desktop to Puhti. Development phase:  2022-2023.

Integration between service components

Automated data transfer between SD service components is possible through the use of a specific application which avoids the generation of multiple copies of the same dataset during different phases of research.

  • Integration between data storage (SD Connect) and publishing under controlled access (SD Submit). Encrypted  sensitive data stored in SD Connect will be available to SD Submit for publishing via a graphical user interface.  It is expected in Q2 2023.
  • Integration between (SD Apply) and data reuse (SD Desktop). After data approval via SD Apply, encrypted sensitive data will be automatically available in SD Desktop for data reuse. Available since Q4 2022.

New features for SD Connect

  • User interface. New, easier-to-use web user interface. It is expected in Q4 2022.

New features for SD Desktop

  • Authorised data export via the user interface. Application within SD Desktop to export data (e.g. results). This functionality will be limited to the project manager.
  • Additional operating systems. In addition to the current CentOS Linux operating system, the user will be able to launch SD Desktop with Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows. Development: 2022-2023.
  • Software customization. Users will be able to add large software packages to SD Desktop using Singularity containers. Development takes place in Q3-Q4 2022.

For more information write to servicedesk@csc.fi (subject: Sensitive Data services).