Service Catalog for Research

Here you can find all the computing and data management services that CSC provides for researchers. Read more about other CSC services on website. Click on a link to see the services of a certain data life cycle stage:

Compute & Analyze

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cPouta is a Community Cloud Service with which you can quickly deploy self-administrated infrastructure. Read More »


ePouta is a Virtual Private Cloud Service that is similar to cPouta but is especially meant for processing sensitive data. Read More »


Kvasi is a quantum computing simulator with which you can learn to use and develop new quantum algorithms. Read More »


LUMI is one of the most competitive supercomputers in the world. LUMI starts operating in early 2021. Read More »


Mahti is a supercomputer which is in particular geared towards medium to large scale simulations. Read More »


Puhti is a supercomputer meant for a wide range of use cases from data analysis to medium scale simulations. Read More »


Rahti is a Container Cloud service that provides a platform for you to host your own applications. Read More »


Store, Share & Publish Data


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Open & Discover

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