We catalyze our customers' success.

As a special assignment company in the core of our purpose is to bring value to customers. Our vision requires us to interact with customers, partners and other stakeholders in a way that focuses on listening and building understanding. Our strategy for 2025 is built on this dialog. It takes into account the challenges and opportunities of the operating environment as well as different macro phenomena and other change drivers.

In order to implement this vision, we have set ourselves three strategic objectives that guide practical measures.

CSC's strategic goals

1. Competitive advantage in research ecosystems

We will improve the competitiveness of research in Finland and across Europe.

We are building one of the world's leading data management and computing environments in Europe. Also our modern national environment and a network that meets research needs serve extensively different fields of science, research and education. 

Big data, artificial intelligence and quantum technology create new opportunities, promoting also international cooperation.

We promote the achievement of national and European carbon neutrality targets. ​​​​​​Our eco-efficient datacenter in Kajaani provides an optimal location for supercomputers.

2. Benefits from well-managed data

We will turn our customers’ interoperable and open data environments into an international success factor and the foundation of our welfare.

Promoting utilization and cross-utilization of data resources prepares the ground for scientific breakthroughs, new innovations and smooth service provision by the authorities. Data accessibility, security, data flow management and storage of unique data sets are at the core of our expertise.
We implement tailored data management solutions for our customers and develop expertise and services for the responsible utilization of data.

3. Digitality makes daily life better

We are developing Finland into a pioneer of digital service, data and analytics utilization. 

Data warehouses are a precondition for digital services. 

We support the higher education institutions’ goal of opening up the national data warehouses of learning for the use of the individual and society alike.  We also back up the development of our customers’ digital service environments and business intelligence.

CSC Strategy in short