Sustainable development

We provide IT solutions for digitalisation and green transformation and comply with the principles of sustainable development. Climate and ethical business are in high value for us, as well as our customers and employees. We at CSC implement sustainable development goals and values every day in our work, and help our customers in finding new, sustainable innovations for a greener and better future.

In all of our data centers, we reduce emissions by improving energy efficiency and we use 100% renewable energy sources (hydropower). In LUMI datacenter, the waste heat will account for about 20 percent of the district heating in Kajaani and will reduce the entire city's carbon footprint.

We uphold high standards for ethical business. We strengthen digitalization in education and support universities' Digivision 2030. By providing resources and support to the academia we promote climate change, environmental and fusion energy research.

We offer data management services to researchers to maximize the value of data and promote open data, data reuse and FAIR principles. We take care of digital preservation of research and culture data.

At CSC, our work on sustainable development is centered around four main themes: Climate actions, Prospering customers, Ethical business and Empowered employees.

Four main themes

Climate actions

We promote green transformation by increasing our ecological handprint and reducing our footprint. Energy efficiency of our datacenters stays at excellent level, which means that PuE value will be less than 1.6. For example, in Kajaani DC the PuE value of air cooled systems is as low as 1.04. PuE means power usage effectiveness and it is counted by dividing the total facility energy by the IT equipment energy.

The waste heat from Kajaani datacenter is being re-used for district heating and we use 100 % renewable energy. We adapt the sustainable practices in our all public procurement activities, including also forthcoming energy procurements.


Elmer/Ice software, mainly developed at CSC, is one of the main software worldwide used in glacier modeling and the articles computed with Elmer/Ice have been an important input to IPCC reports.

The data produced by SMEAR research stations is stored and published in AVAA service and the data is accessible openly. The SMEAR stations are measuring the relationship of atmosphere and forest in boreal climate zone. AVAA is one of the Fairdata services produced by CSC.

We are one of the key players in the E-TASC Helsinki Advanced Computing Hub, a new center for AI support for fusion research. E-TASC HEL primarily aims at improving the computational prerequisites for fusion energy. Fusion energy researchers have traditionally been a large and important customer group for us.

Prospering customers

We help research community, education system, public sector and public-private partnerships to unleash their full potential. We are an internationally renowned player in the field of data management and data-intensive scientific computing and the researchers in universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes will gain competitive advantage and benefits by using our research ecosystems.

We maintain and develop the National Research and Education Network Funet and we are the Finnish representative in international context, including NORDUnet and Géant collaboration.

We promote the utilization and cross-use of data resources and, in line with our owners' needs, improve the conditions for data analytics and provide the prerequisites for knowledge management.

Ethical business

We uphold high standards as a corporate citizen and entail suppliers to adhere to the same values. Ethical values are present in our operation in accessible web content and transparency in financial management. Our employees are aware of and comply with our Code of Conduct. We recognize the significance of our actions in maintaining an ethical business, but also our subcontractors' actions matter. Therefore, we are implementing a Supplier Codes of Conduct to all our contracts, starting from 2022. 

We want to ensure that the work environment we provide is safe for all employees, both physically and mentally. Every employee has the right to be themselves and be treated equally with others. We take all abusing very seriously and aim to solve all suspected non-compliances with our Code of Conduct. We have implemented CSC Whistleblower system in use according to the EU directive 2019/1937 and the national legislation following it. Through CSC Whistleblower employees can report suspected non-compliances, and they will be solved by a neutral party in accordance with good governance.

Empowered employees

Our employees' well-being is very important to us. Our goal is to ensure that well-being, diversity and inclusion are embedded in our culture and practices. This goal is pursued by treasuring well-being, and encouraging an inclusive culture that values diversity. We strive for continuous development of supervisors' skills in leadership.

We want to enable a fluent and communal multi-place work for our employees. We value inclusive, participatory, and responsive decision-making at all organization levels. We measure the implementation of these values with personnel surveys and by following the diversity of personnel diagrams. We conduct employee satisfaction surveys annually, and have provided our staff with multiple channels for open discussion.

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aims to eradicate extreme poverty and achieve sustainable development that takes equal account of the environment, the economy and people. The 2030 Agenda has 17 goals, 10 of which directly concern the CSC.

Goal 3. Good health and well-being, goal 4. Quality education, goal 5. Gender equality, goal 7. Affordable and clean energy, goal 8. Decent work and economic growthGoal 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure, goal 10. Reduced inequalities, goal 12. Responsible consumption and production, goal 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions, goal 17. Partnerships for the goals