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Quantum leap requires big jump also in encryption of telecommunications

Tiq toq, tiq toq, the quantum clock is ticking. The internet turned 40 at the beginning of this year. Around the same time, in other places, ideas for a completely new kind of computer - a quantum computer - were being hatched. In the beginning, there were few interconnects between the two, but today these wonders of information technology are intimately entangled.

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Next steps for the EU’s AI Act: towards enabling regulation

The EU has embarked on an ambitious journey to become the first major global power to regulate the use of artificial intelligence. Two years ago, the European Commission made a proposal for an AI Act, greeted with enthusiasm by those who feel that regulation is needed to ensure safe use of AI, and with reluctance by those who fear that regulation will kill all AI innovation.

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LUMI’s first scientific showcases emerging

The European scientific community has been able to utilize LUMI, Europe’s fastest supercomputer, at full scale since December last year. In this post, I will go through some highlights from the early months as well as reveal some upcoming developments of the system.

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Efficient molecular dynamics simulations on LUMI

The main computing power of the LUMI supercomputer comes from its hefty GPU partition, which high performance has already been proven for several use cases, but how does the performance look like for molecular dynamics? Spoiler alert: it's excellent!

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