Case Disior: Tukea ohjelmistokoodin optimointiin CSC:ltä

Case Disior: code optimization support from CSC

Disior Ltd. is a Finnish start-up software company which develops computational software for treating bone fractures. Disior was one of the companies that was granted resources in the European high-performance computing infrastructure PRACE (the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) in its call for applications under the SHAPE program (SME HPC Adoption Programme for Europe) in autumn 2017.

Thanks to the resources obtained from PRACE, Disior gets support from CSC for developing their software code. The computing is performed with Elmer, an open-source simulation software developed by CSC for multiphysical simulations, including e.g. finite element analysis.

Copyright: Disior Oy

Currently, Disior's most advanced solution algorithms apply to the reconstruction of jaw bone.

Sakari Soini, Director of Technology at Disior:

"Parallelization of code with Elmer is beyond comparison. Thanks to help from CSC, the optimization of the jaw bone reconstruction is now approximately ten times faster than what it initially was."

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