Research Information Hub

Research Information Hub

The National Research Information Hub gathers and shares information on scientific research carried out in Finland in an easily accessible way and format. The service was published in the summer 2020 at

The service improves the findability of research information and experts and increases the visibility and effectiveness of Finnish research.

  • The information on researchers, publications, research data, research projects, and research infrastructures available all in one place
  • The researchers' reporting and administrative work will be facilitated as the information flows  between research organizations, funders, and other research services will be automatized
  • Results of both privately and publicly funded research are openly accessible
  • Benefits researchers, research organizations, funding agencies, public administration and citizens

In 2021, the new feature will enable users and stakeholders to find experts on particular research topics in Researchers can create their profiles to and import their information from ORCID or home organizations. The researchers can choose what information they want to display and decide whether their information may be disclosed to other services. 

The service contains information on the Finnish research system, publications and research data by Finnish organizations, projects funded by public and private research funders, and statistical information on the development of research resources and impact. More information will be added to the service later, including information on researchers operating in Finland, and their other research activities.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the service was launched by CSC - IT Center for Science in cooperation with higher education institutions, other research organizations and research funders.