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Global advantage through high-performance quantum computing

Quantum computers have the potential to provide a game-changing boost for science. For maximum benefit to society, quantum computers will need to merge with traditional high-performance computing. Here, international collaboration is of key importance for bringing the required expertise and know-how together.

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At the racing track of quantum computers

In a sense, quantum computers are already much more powerful than traditional supercomputers. In the form of the ever-useful car analogy: quantum computers of today are like the fastest racing cars ever built, or even imagined. There is a caveat, however.

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The housing market’s quantum future

Quantum computers are hitting the world with a bang. Qubits, the turbo-charged quantum cousins of regular bits, are revolutionising computational research and modelling, including and especially in the financial sector.

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Emulated quantum noise

In the future, quantum computing can solve certain tasks more efficiently than traditional computers; some problems are so complex that supercomputers in their classical form will never figure them out. This requires quantum computers that are considerably more powerful than current devices, however. The power of a quantum computer depends on both the number of qubits and their quality. Quality can be studied using CSC's quantum computer emulator Kvasi.

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At the start of a quantum leap

Quantum computers are a focus of attention right now, and for good reason: now we know that they work! It has been said that quantum computers have now evolved from a physicist’s dream to an engineer's nightmare.

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Suurtehokvanttilaskenta – lähentymistä luvassa

Kvanttilaskenta on tulevaisuuden HPC-ekosysteemien kulmakivi. LUMI-supertietokone yhdistää HPC-asiantuntemusta poikkeuksellisella tavalla, joten on korkea aika tehdä sama myös eurooppalaisen kvanttiosaamisen alalla.

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