Hosting services tailored to customers' needs

Individual network access tailored to the customer's needs, server platforms, hosting services and long-term preservation solutions

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Identity and authorisation

Reliable solutions for electronic identification and single sign-on as well as for user authorisations and licensing

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Management and use of data

Interoperable solutions for data management and use, for example to support management by information

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Interoperable information systems tailored to the diverse range of customers' needs

Digitalisation of the public administration is one of the most important development projects in Finnish society. Solutions tailored to our customers' needs support digitalisation in a cost-effective manner but without compromising on information security.

Digitalisation also poses requirements for preserving the digital cultural heritage for future generations and for a broad range of different actors. We offer our customers our expertise in the field of long-term data preservation and in the management of large data masses and metadata.

Our services and solutions are provided to e.g. libraries, archives and museums and other public administration organizations.

Why CSC?

  • CSC is owned by the Finnish Government and higher education institutions
  • Our special task is to help the Finnish research and education community to succeed in theircore competencies
  • We have unique expertise in, among other things, data management, data analytics,scientific computing and interoperability of information systems
  • We provide our customers with properly scaled, cost-effective solutions that meet their needs
  • CSC's data centers are all located in Finland, thus allowing data to be kept securely within the country's bordersWe participate in key EU projects and bring the expertise of international networks and innovations to Finland

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