The guiding principle of our operations is to create the optimal setting for our customers' operations – we catalyze our customers' success.


Realizing our vision requires interaction with our customers, partners and other stakeholders that is based on listening and mutual understanding. Our strategy is built upon this dialogue and takes into consideration the challenges and opportunities of the operating environment, along with various macrophenomena and drivers of change.

We have set four strategic goals for ourselves – these goals help us to stay true to our guiding principles and steer our actions.

CSC's strategic goals are

1. To enable world-class data management and computing

A research infrastructure for world-class data management and computing and a research network that meets its needs are a prerequisite for diverse and internationally top-level research in Finland.

CSC strengthens the ability of the entire Finnish research community by making significant investments, integrating international services into a clear continuum, and focusing strongly on making services easy to use and developing customers' competence capital.

2. To maximize the value of data

Promoting utilization and cross-utilization of data resources prepares the ground for scientific breakthroughs, new innovations and smooth service provision by the authorities.

CSC develops services to enhance the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of data. We also ensure the accessibility of valuable data with long-term preservation solutions. We strive to ensure that all data is available behind interfaces that comply with the standards and the related metadata is in order.

3. To leverage artificial intelligence

Well-organized, classified, described and machine-readable data resources are also a vital part of artificial intelligence. CSC strives to promote their creation and accessibility. The primary basis for this work is to improve the conditions for data analytics.

We develop platforms and analytics capabilities for predictive analytics needed in research and administration. Together with its customers, CSC creates opportunities in machine learning and artificial intelligence and develops services to support their utilization in a customer-oriented manner.

4. To pave the way for lifelong learning

Competence is a cornerstone of Finnish competitiveness: competence must be developed continuously not only in basic education, but also throughout one's life and career.

We ensure that digital education and learning services form an entity that allows people to study flexibly in all stages of life. We harness the power of digitalization and artificial intelligence to democratize learning and we promote technological experimentation with teaching and learning tools.

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