Example case 6: Sensitive data storage and transfer

In this research project, we are collecting several types of files (videos, audio, spreadsheets, questionnaires, genomes) and we want to store them in a secure cloud solution. We also want to transfer some of the files to a different academic organization. Then, our collaborators will use these data for analysis in their secure work environment.
CSC offers services for managing data in all phases of the research project. As in this case, we are collecting, storing, and transferring sensitive data we can use:

  • MyCSC portal for creating an account, a CSC project, and accessing other CSC services. Both research groups need to have a CSC project.
  • SD Connect / Allas for encrypting and uploading sensitive data to CSC (respectively, automatically or programmatically).

If you're new to CSC, familiarizing yourself with these services might take approximately six hours. However, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems. We can often solve your request in a few minutes with the help of an expert.


Links to necessary documentation and tutorials

Benefit for this case

Requirements for the user

MyCSC portal

For creating an account and managing data access.

We first create a CSC account and set up a CSC project. Next, as we will process sensitive data, we fill in the description of processing activities form, add service access to Allas and SD Desktop and enable two-step verification on our accounts.

Access CSC service on demand via a self-service portal.

Directly grant or remove access to the same project/data.

Comply with CSC's General terms of use and Data Processing Agreement.

If necessary, consult the academic organization's legal service for advice regarding agreements, DPIA, or adding CSC project members from non-EU/EEA areas.

For data transfer with SD Connect, both research groups need to have a CSC account and a CSC project.

SD Connect

For uploading, storing and optionally sharing sensitive data.

User interface (files < 100 GB)

We create a project-specific encryption key pair. Next we log in to SD Connect, drag & drop file/folders in the browser and choose the multiple encryption key option. After upload, we can than share the folder with our collaborators, and they will be able to download and decrypt the files.

Programmatically (files > 100 GB)

We encrypted the files programmatically with multiple public keys and upload to Allas using a-commands. Next, we share the files with our collaborators, to their specific CSC project. They can now download the files and decrypt them.

Several encryption options are available.

SD Connect user interface has specific features that facilitate data management and sharing via URL.






User interface

Files must be < 100 GB.

Modern web browser.

No expertise is required. However users must become familiar with the necessary steps in the user guide.




Modern web browser and technical expertise.

Users must become familiar with the necessary steps in the user guide.


Support for specific projects.

This workflow can be adapted to several needs. Before planning data storage or transfer, don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you figure out the best solution for each case.