2. Using FGCI with ARC middleware

The grid computing environment of FGCI is used via the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware which is produced by the Nordugrid community. All tasks and commands are submitted via the middleware and the user never needs to directly log into the actual computing clusters. For this reason FGI can't be used to run programs interactively. Instead the commands to be executed are collected into command files that are submitted to the FGI using ARC commands and job description files.

In this section we provide an introduction to the xRSL (Extended Resource Specification Language) job description file format and to the most frequently used ARC middleware commands. More detailed information about ARC middleware and xRSL files can be found from the manuals provided by Nordugrid:


2.1 Job description files

2.2 Executing grid jobs with ARC commands

2.2.1 Creating a proxy-certificate
2.2.2 Job submission commands
2.2.3 Running the sample job in FGCI environment
2.2.4 Keeping the grid job status up to date

2.3 Using software through runtime environments

2.4 Running parallel applications in FGCI

2.4.1 Executing threads based parallel software in FGCI
2.4.2. Executing MPI based parallel program in FGCI environment

2.5 Using arcrunner to run large job sets in FGCI

2.5.1 Installing arcrunner
2.5.2 Using arcrunner
2.5.3 Arcrunner example

2.6 Using storage elements for data transport in FGCI

2.6.1 Using storage elements with ARC commands
2.6.2 Using storage elements in grid jobs



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