GIS@CSC news 1/2015

Geoinformatics research days 2015

... will take place 20-21.5.2015 at Helsinki University Kumpula campus in Helsinki. The registration is already open and the program will be published soon. Mostly there will be presentations about GIS projects in Finnish Universities and research institutes.


ArcGIS news

  • The student licensing changed from 1.1.2015. Earlier there was a limited number of separate student licenses (EVA-codes), therse are no longer available. Students may now use CSC's license manager also from their personal computers. CSC's license manager can be used only from FUNET network, so for home use a VPN connection to home university network is needed. Students may also borrow licenses.
  • License borrowing time was increased to 100 days.
  • ESRI has new ArcGIS Pro desktop software. ESRI: "ArcGIS Pro reinvents desktop GIS. It is a central part of the ArcGIS platform. This brand new 64-bit desktop application lets you render and process your data faster than ever. Design and edit in 2D and 3D, work with multiple displays and layouts, and publish finished web maps directly to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, connecting you to users throughout your organization or the world."
    • ArcGIS Pro liceneses are available for all CSC's ArcGIS consortium members. Practically ArcGIS Pro licensing is different from ArcGIS for Desktop. It does not use license manager, but licenses are managed in ArcGIS Online. So if you want to use ArcGIS Pro, you should contact your university's ArcGIS contact person.
    • In long term ArcGIS Pro may replace ArcGIS for desktop, but for now both will be available.
  • GeoPlanner fo ArcGIS is also another new application. ESRI: "GeoPlanner is a web application for land-based planning and design.  With it, students can learn concepts like suitability modeling, scenario-based design, and spatial analysis." GeoPlanner licenses are also managed in ArcGIS Online.


High-performance geocomputing

On 26.3 took place high-performance geocomputing workshop. We had over 30 participants from universities and research institutes. The morning session concentrated on CSC's computing resources and in the afternoon 9 related research projects were presented, followed by a short discussion. Currentlly high-performance computing resources are used only in a few GIS projects. The current projects could be divided 2 categories:

  • Software development projects, which included use of GPUs (graphical processing units). GPU programming is not the simplest task, so here were several co-operation projects with Åbo Akademi's High Performance Computing laboratory.
  • Data anaysis projects, were mostly already existing software was used. And the high-performance computing resources were mainly needed because of big amounts of data.

As practical outcome of the workshop:

  • There are 2 new guidelines on CSC's homepage: GIS and computing, and ArcGIS computing.
  • A new e-mail list for people interested in high-performance geocomputing has been established. Anybody is welcome to join the list!
  • There will be 2 new spatial data analysis projects on CSC's Taito supercomputer. Both of these projects will use R, so several R spatial packages will be installed soon to Taito.
  • There was interesest about training of R and Python (+QGIS or GRASS) for spatial data. If anybody has ready course material about both or one of them, please let me know.


PaITuli news

  • New datasets from Institute of the Languages of Finland: SMS dialect areas and parishes (1938).  
  • Finnish Environmental Administration's following datasets have been updated: YKR conurbations, ground water areas, YKR urban-countryside classification, limited areas for off-road and water traffic, genaral plans accepted according to the land use and building law, lake depth, YKR sparsely and densely populated conurbations, CORINE 2012, detailed planned areas.        
  • Datasets from Finnish Geological Survey and National Board of Antiques have been removed from direct download from PaITuli. Also some other less used datasets from Finnish Environmental Institute have been removed. All of the datasets are available from producers web sites. Links can be found from PaITuli.





ArcGIS, ESRI Finland, Espoo

ESRI Virtual Campus Internet courses. There are a lot of free courses, but ArcGIS consortium members have also free access to all other courses of types Web course or Training seminar. The course codes are available from CSC or university representatives (HY: Tom Blom, Aalto: Ari Jolma and Paula Ahonen, UTU: Niina Käyhkö, Oulu: Jarmo Rusanen, Jyväskylä: Anssi Lensu, UEF: Timo Kumpula and Kari Pasanen).

GeoServer, Gispo, Espoo

MapInfo, Affecto, Helsinki

QGIS, Tamperen kesäyliopisto, Tampere

Terrasolid, Espoo, a lot of courses related to TerraSolid product family