GIS@CSC news 1/2016

GIS conferences in Helsinki this spring

  • 10.5.2015, Finnish geoinformatics research days at Helsinki University Kumpula campus.
  • 30.5. - 2.6.2016, European Navigation Conference, in Finlandia Hall, Helsinki.
  • 14-17.6.2016, 19th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science in Helsinki University's main campus. AGILE is Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe, so it will be a big international conference here in Finland.
  • For all the registration link and detailed program is not yet available, but book the dates from your calendar.

Trainings at CSC

  • In January we had Spatial modelling with open source tools (QGIS and R) workshop. It was a very successful event and we will try to keep be a similar workshop also next year.
  • Pekka Sarkola from Gispo Oy will keep a 2-day training about PostGIS 10-11.4.2016. The course is meant for users of PostGIS, how to install the software, to get data loaded to database, to query and analyze the data. This is a CSC course, so the price is 120€ for two days. The course is available only for students and personnel of Finnish Universities. The course will be in Finnish.


ArcGIS news

  • This year there are no changes in CSC's ArcGIS consortium.
  • 20-21.1.2016 were ESRI user days in Helsinki.
    • The presentations are shortly described on Esri Finland's homepage. At the end of the same page are also material of the short training sessions. So if you are interested in ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online or Collector for ArcGIS (mobile app for data collection), then have a look. All these materials are only in Finnish.
    • A new galleria page lists several
    • web applications and spatial data portals that have been implemented lately in Finland (inc. SYKE, Traffic Agency, Metsäkeskus).


MapInfo news

  • Several universities have now licenses for MapInfo Discover 3D. "MapInfo Discover 3D offers a highly developed 3D geographical information system software. The 3D GIS system is designed to appeal to geologists, environmental scientists, petroleum engineers and other natural resources professionals."


Course materials from University of Oulu

Oulu university has published course materials for ArcGIS and QGIS in Finnish:


PaITuli news

  • Statistics Finland datasets have been updated and the Paavo - statistics about post code areas have been added.
  • National Land Survey's administrative borders for 2016 have been added. Basic map, topographic database and place names were updated at the end of last year.
  • Enviroment Insitutes YKR-social structure areas for 1990, 1995 and 2000 were added last year.


High-performance geocomputing

  • There are a couple of geocomputing projects now on Taito supercluster.
    • Most of them use R as the software.
    • Example of speed: one slow analysis, which took ca 24h on PC, was done in 4 hours on Taito.
  • Henrikki Tenkanen from Helsinki University used cPouta IaaS cloud for making massive routing analysis with ArcGIS. He used 20 virtual machines, and running ArcPy scrips was working well.
    • Example of speed: running analyzis on cPouta was not much faster than on PC, but using 20 virtual machines made the total time need for the analysis of course a lot shorter.
  • Currently to Taito is installed GDAL/OGR, Proj.4, Saga GIS and R, including several spatial packages: fields, gstat, Landsat, maptools, ncdf, raster, rasterVis, RColorBrewer, rgdal, spgrass6(?), rproj, RSAGA, sp, vegan. If you would like some other software to be installed, please send an e-mail to servicedesk at It is also possible to install yourself software to CSC environment for personal use.



  • 8. - 9.3.2016, Maanmittauspäivät 2016, Jyväskylä
  • 3.5.2016 ALPO 2016, Helsinki (Avoimen Lähdekoodin Paikkatieto-Ohjelmistot)
  • Esri User Conference, San Diego. Universities belonging to CSC's ArcGIS consortium, have possibility to get free passports for the conference.



ArcGIS, ESRI Finland, Espoo, several dates for these courses.

ESRI Virtual Campus Internet courses. There are a lot of free courses, but ArcGIS consortium members have also free access to all other courses of types Web course or Training seminar. The course codes are available from CSC.

MapInfo, Affecto, Helsinki, several dates for these courses.


Gispo, Helsinki


Terrasolid, Espoo, a lot of courses related to TerraSolid product family