GIS@CSC news 2/2016


Trainings and workshops at CSC

In the autumn we will have two GIS events at CSC

  • High-performance geocomputing 2016 workshop on 25.10.2016. The aim of the workshop is to share knowledge about high-performance geocomputing. The morning session will concentrate on R spatial and its use in CSC's environment. In the afternoon different current geocomputing projects in Finland are presented. The day will end with an open discussion related to the topic. The working language is English.
  • Introduction to QGIS on 28-29.11.2016. The course is meant for new users of QGIS, which is an open source desktop GIS software. This course is also suitable for people who have limited GIS background. The course will be in Finnish. The lecturer is Santtu Pyykkonen from Gispo Oy.

The registration is not yet opened, but if you are interested book the date.

And if you would like to have a short presentation in the geocomputing workshop, please inform me at

For the spring term the plans are more open. Hopefully we can repeat Spatial modelling with QGIS and R workshop. And if there is interest we could have also a 2-day GeoServer and OpenLayers training, please drop me a line, if you would like to participate.


PaITuli news

  • New FMI ClimGrid data has been added. This dataset includes daily minimum, maximum and mean temperature, precipitation sum, sea level air pressure and relative humidity. The data is available for years 1961–2014, and the spatial resolution is 10 km x 10 km. Snow depth and radiotion data will be added in autumn.
  • Digiroad 2016 in K and R format has been added.
  • Finnish Environmental Administration's following datasets have been updated: YKR conurbations, ground water areas, limited areas for off-road and water traffic, lake depth, detailed planned areas, nature protection areas, river network, densely and sparsely populated conurbations.
  • National Land Board's all topographic map and general map datasets, 10m DEM and betchmarks were updated.
  • The license changed for all Enviromental Administration's datasets to CC-4.0 BY






ESRI Virtual Campus Internet courses. There are a lot of free courses, but ArcGIS consortium members have also free access to all other courses of types Web course or Training seminar. The course codes are available from CSC.

MapInfo, Affecto, Helsinki, several dates for these courses.

Gispo, Helsinki, several dates, check details frome here.

  • QGIS
  • PostGIS
  • GeoServer

Courses are mostly in Finnish and in Helsinki, but also as web-course and in Turku and Joensuu.

Terrasolid, Espoo, a lot of courses related to TerraSolid product family