GIS@CSC news 4/2014

CSC homepage

Old CSC homepage has been now replaced and the old links will not work any more. The new version of GIS pages is available at Please note, that if refering to PaITuli it is best to use

Guidelines section has been updated. There are now several new guideline links related to WMS and WFS services and routing. Also new guidelines have been written:

These topics were selected based on the user survey in June. The idea is that these would support the use of data available in PaITuli or elsewhere. Topics for new guidelines or comments about the already existing ones may be sent to



New data has been added to PaITuli:

  • Finnish Environmental Administration's IMAGE2006 satellite image mosaic has been added.
  • New datasets from Statistics Finland have been added: population by 5x5km grids, road traffic accidents, educational institutions, production and industrial facilities, key figures for municipalities, population by municipalities.
  • Finnish Environmental Administration's following datasets have been updated: nature protection areas, groundwater areas, limited areas for off-road and water traffic and hydrological monitoring stations.
  • Finnish Environmental Administration's sparsely and denselly populated areas dataset has been added.
  • Geological Survey of Finland's quaternary deposits in 1:20 000 ja bedrock in 1:200 000 have been updated. Some less used geological datasets have been removed because they are available from GTK:s Hakku service.
  • Some links to data available in other locations have been added to PaITuli data download window.


Some comments about the data download page based on the user survey in June. These functions have been available for longer time, but apparantly everybody has not noticed them.

  • Metadata link under data selection dropdowns is specific to selected data, so if interested in metadata of the selected data it is a good shortcut to use.
  • All index maps can be downloaded. The last item in the data selection list is "Index maps, all".
  • Most of the datasets can be previewed in the map window, but for technical reasons not all. Some datasets are visible only when zoomed in. The dataset preview is available when the Data/Aineisto checkbox in upper right corner is visible. It will disappear, if preview is not at all available. If Data/Aineisto checkbox is gray, then map zoom level is too low, when zooming in, the data becomes visible.


Finnish Transport Agency new download service

Finnish Transport Agency has opened beta version of its new spatial data download service. It includes data for road, rail and sea transport, the full list of available datasets can be found here. Also the newest Digiroad data is available there.


Coming events


Past events


Training and courses

  • ESRI Virtual Campus Internet courses. There are a lot of free courses, but ArcGIS consortium members have also free access to all other courses of types Web course or Training seminar. The course codes are available from CSC or university representatives (HY: Tom Blom, Aalto: Ari Jolma and Paula Ahonen, UTU: Niina Käyhkö, Oulu: Jarmo Rusanen, Jyväskylä: Anssi Lensu, UEF: Timo Kumpula and Kari Pasanen).
  • Terrasolid, Espoo, a lot of courses related to TerraSolit product family