GIS@CSC news 1/2017


  • The new ArcGIS contracts for 2017-19 have been signed. In the consortium continue 16 universities, the list of universities and their contact persons may be found here.
  • CSC:s license server has been updated with licenses for 2017. The new ArcGIS 10.5 version is now supported by the license server.
  • Single use licenses are available for personnel.
  • The license includes also ArcGIS Pro licenses, but licensing of them works via ArcGIS Online, not CSC's license server.
  • Virtual Campus courses are a good way of learning ArcGIS, many of these courses are available for free for consortium members (also students). If interested, ask
  • More detailed information about ArcGIS consortium.



  • All universities have renewed their MapInfo licenses. The English version of MapInfo 16.0 has already been delivered, the Finnish and Swedish versions are coming soon.
  • More information about MapInfo consortium.



These datasets have been added:

  • National Land Survey's lidar dataset was updated to include all currently covered areas.
  • National Land Survey's topographic database 2016.
  • Statistics Finland population datasets, key figures for municipalities and schools, newest versions.
  • SYKE: residential areas, conurbations, densely and sparsely populated, urban form 2015.
  • To FMI ClimGrid data new variables have been added: daily snow depth and global radiation.
  • Address data by Population Register center.



  • Paituli was opened in the end of 2015 to general public, and most of the datasets are now available with CC-4.0-BY license (= you have to state clearly which data you have used, but there are no restrictions for use purpose). A few datasets still require HAKA log in and these are available only for academic use.
  • Paituli e-mails go sometimes to spam, especially with Gmail. We are trying to fix this, but currently if you do not get e-mail with download link from Paituli, check your Spam folder.



oGIIR project was approved by Academy Finland for 2017-19.

The objective of the oGIIR infrastructure is to establish user oriented and open-access structure to support the entire Finnish scientific research community with spatial data and analysis services and facilitating their research use in all disciplines.

The present proposal for FIRI funding thus consists of the following sub-objectives:

1. Development of open-access geospatial data services including the quality improvement of core geospatial data sets and their use value in scientific research.

2. Establishment of geocomputation and geospatial analysis services.

3. Creating facilitation mechanisms, which lead into effective use of the established geospatial services by Finnish researchers.

The research infrastructure will be developed as a joint effort by the universities, research institutes and CSC. It will be a strong cooperation and knowledge based network which produces top-quality scientific research with geospatial information.

Project partners: 




Trainings and workshops at CSC

Future plans:

  • For autumn there are plans for a geo-Python course.
  • Course topic suggestions are also welcome to