HPC-Europa3: EC-funded research visits

HPC-Europa is an EC programme which funds researchers to carry out short "transnational access" visits to other countries to collaborate with another research group and provides access to supercomputers at the host country.

Countries and their HPC centers that accept visitors in HPC-Europa3 programme are highlighted.

Apply now: application deadline extended to May 20th!

Finnish researchers can apply for visits in total of nine European countries. The call for the HPC-Europa3 visits is open all the time, but applications are reviewed four times per year. Applications are submitted electronically through the project website and assessed by an international scientific panel.

The project finances researcher visits to countries whose high-performance computing centers provide resources for the visitors. These are Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden or the UK.

The HPC-Europa3 project will continue until April 2021. The goal of the project is to support more than one thousand visits.

The first five calls have had a varying number of applications totalling over 200 accepted research visits. Depending on the call from 1 to 17 of the visits have targeted research groups in Finland and so far all of them have been accepted. However, Finland could host many more visitors. Overall in the programme the acceptance ratio has been 77% which is also very high. There will be four calls each year and the call deadlines can be found at the HPC-Europa3 website.

Visitors are asked to give feedback after the visit. The next are verbatim quotes from visitors to Finland in 2018:

  • The HPC3 Program provides an excellent opportunity to visit new research environments and collaborate with local researchers
  • Visiting institutions with technical expertise and large computing facilities for free! What's not to love?

Visits can vary 3–13 weeks

The programme is open to researchers of any level, from PhD students to full professors, in any field able to make use of scientific computing. As a rule, the visitor will not work in the target country's computing center but will be hosted by a suitable academic research group. A number of hosts have already signed up and can be browsed (by country) in the application form. If you want to sign up as a host, you can do it yourself on this portal: hpc-europa.cineca.it/host/register

Applications always concern academic research. The researchers of universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes, for example, can apply for the exchange. Reasonable travel and accommodation costs are reimbursed by the project, which also pays daily allowance. A visit can last 3–13 weeks and a researcher can make more than one visit as long as the total new visits involve a new project. The HPCE3 site also lists interesting training events that can be combined with visits.

Why not visit an interesting research group abroad, create new or strengthen existing collaboration networks, and make use of specific expertise available in other European countries?

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