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Language Bank Rights

Apply for access rights to language resources at .

You can log in directly if your organization is a member of the HAKA or eduGAIN identity federation or if you have a CSC account.

The CSC Account

Some language resources are available only in CSC's super computing environment or in To use them, you need a CSC account. The resources that require a CSC account are clearly marked in the Language Bank Rights application system. If you want to use such a resource and not yet have a CSC Account, please apply as shown below. We recommend to apply for the CSC Account first. Access granted to Language Resources before the activation of a CSC Account will become usable the following day after CSC Account activation, otherwise the Language Resource becomes available within minutes after access has been granted.

Obtaining a CSC account

If your organisation is a member of the Finnish Haka federation you can apply for a CSC account via

Users outside the Haka federation and without a CSC account, please use the old application form and fill it out following this example.

Send the signed application either by mail to

    CSC - Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy
    User Accounts
    P.O. Box 405
    FI-02101 Espoo

or scanned to

You can then apply for corpora using Language Bank Rights.

More Information

More information about Kielipankki can be found at (also in Finnish and Swedish)